Pepper and Bacon Grease Cheddar

Another experiment here!  This is a variation on my last cheddar – basically the same recipe and process but with peppers and bacon grease.

I used the same method as the past few types of cheddar and got a clean break.  The only difference being I used a gallon of milk this time as opposed to a half gallon.


  • Gallon Straus Family whole milk, non-homogenized
  • 1-2 teaspoon mesophilic(DS) starter
  • 1 tablet rennet

After the break, I followed the typical cheddaring process:


After a couple of hours in the press, I lightly rubbed a bacon grease/spicy pepper rub on the cheese.  I re-wrapped it in a fresh cheese cloth for another day in the press.  The peppers consisted of habanera, jalapeño and serrano chiles.  Yikes, this will be a spicy one!

Looks like Christmas...

After a couple of days I waxed it and put into my brand new ‘cheese cave’.  Or, wine fridge I should say.  I will age this a few months if I can stand the wait.


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