Secret Project – #4 (MAX Cheddar)

For this variation on cheddar, I went in all the way!  This is the one I hope to eventually perfect.  My flag-ship cheddar if you will.

I used a similar method/recipe as my last two cheddars with a more intensive cheddaring process this time around – In other words, I allowed more time for this:  (  The goal in this process is to develop the proper amount of acidity and remove enough moisture in order for the cheese to age well.


  • Half gallon Straus Family whole milk, non-homogenized
  • 1-2 teaspoon mesophilic(DS) starter (
  • 1/4 tablet rennet (and another ¾ tablet)

Troubleshooting:  I added another ¾ of a tablet to achieve the break.  I am not sure what is happening here but next time I will go straight to a full tablet.  This could be due to the milk (non-homog) or possibly not achieving the right acidity.  I will eventually purchase a handy-dandy pH meter, but until then…guessing is the game.

In addition to a longer cheddaring process, I began pressing this on Saturday night to allow for a full 24 hours in Mr. Press.

Here’s the kicker.  I bought a tub of Trader Joe’s Dark Coffee beans and ground them up as finely as possible in our coffee grinder.  Sunday morning, we had a good-ol American style breakfast of bacon and eggs.  The bacon happened to be Niman Ranch.  I ground two, cooked pieces of bacon in our food processor, added back some bacon grease and let it settle.  As soon as the newly minted slab of cheese had pressed, I mixed the coffee and bacon bits into a sort of sludge mixture.  I lightly rubbed this super intense mixture onto the surface of the cheese and re-wrapped it for one last quick press.  After a few hours, this is what ensued:

BOOM - Max Cheddar 1.0

The very first Bacon-Infused Cheddar (that I know of!).

Taste Explosion


One response to “Secret Project – #4 (MAX Cheddar)

  1. dude, that is awesome!! Im still trying to get something nailed down for your logo. Just like making cheese, got to be patient…

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